Modern Web Element and Trends

Web Element

  • Unique and Large Typography
  • Semi-Flat Design
  • Giant Product Images
  • Creating beautiful design is about more than inspiration or a great idea, it’s about understanding the fundamentals of the subject.
  • Color is one of the most obvious elements of design, for both the user and the designer. It can stand alone, as a background, or be applied to other elements, like lines, shapes, textures or typography. Color creates a mood within the piece and tells a story about the brand. Every color says something different, and combinations can alter that impression further

For creating an effective web element, we have to follow basic design principles for blending color, type and graphics. we must also use web graphic space efficiently to achieve a layout that’s not too crowded, is feasible and practical from an engineering standpoint, is flexible enough to display a variety of media, and keeps all the important elements within the initial viewable space.

These set includes web element that are made up of vector shapes so that you can change all the form elements. All files are fully structured.

For making these amazing web graphics element, we use some following term and aspects:


Lines, in graphic design, can be used for a wide range of purposes: stressing a word or phrase, connecting content, creating patterns and more.


Color is used to generate emotions, define importance, create visual interest and unify branding. for more details, See our product on envato market.


Texture relates to the surface of an object. By using texture in graphic design adds depth and visual interest. This can be applied graphically in the form of pattern or through the choice of printable surface.


In graphic design, size is used to convey importance, attract attention and create contrast.


The three basic shape types are Geometric (Circles, Squares, Triangles etc.), Natural (leaves, trees, people etc.) and abstract (icons, style and graphic representations). We used these things carefully to create a visually pleasing design and eye-catching design.


A vital part of our good graphic design, Space is the area around the elements in a design. It can be used to separate or group information. We have used it effectively to give the eye a rest, define importance and lead the eye.


Value is how light or dark an area looks in a design. It is everything from the darkest of blacks through to the brightest of whites. We used it correctly and it creates depth, contrast and emphasis.

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